Inventory: Roses

Item – Roses as of 5/21/20RemainingSale Price
Rosa ‘About Face’  HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Abraham Darby’ ENG1$39.95
Rosa ‘All Dressed Up’ HT8$34.95
Rosa ‘America’ CL1$34.95
Rosa ‘American Beauty’ Hybrid Perpetual1$34.95
Rosa ‘Angel Face’ FL1$34.95
Rosa ‘Anna’s Promise’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Apricot Drift’ SH7$34.95
Rosa ‘Arctic Blue’ FL10$34.95
Rosa ‘Ascot’ HT15$34.95
Rosa ‘Baronne de Rothschild’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Beautiful Day’ HT8$34.95
Rosa ‘Best Kept Secret’ HT1$34.95
Rosa ‘Betty White’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Beverly’ HT18$34.95
Rosa ‘Bliss’ Parfuma HT9$34.95
Rosa ‘Blue Girl’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Blushing Knock Out’ SH3$34.95
Rosa ‘Bonica’ SH3$34.95
Rosa ‘Boscobel’ ENG6$39.95
Rosa ‘Broadway’ HT7$34.95
Rosa ‘Bronze Star’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Buxom Beauty’ HT7$34.95
Rosa ‘Cecile Brunner’  CL8$34.95
Rosa ‘Celestial Night’ FL4$34.95
Rosa ‘Charles de Gaulle’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Cherry Parfait’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Chicago Peace’  HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Chrysler Imperial’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Cinco de Mayo’ FL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Colette’ CL9$34.95
Rosa ‘Color Magic’ HT6$34.95
Rosa ‘Coral Drift’ SH10$34.95
Rosa ‘Coral Knock Out’ SH4$34.95
Rosa ‘Coretta Scott King’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Cornelia’ CL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Crazy Love’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Cream Veranda’ FL8$34.95
Rosa ‘Crown Princess Margareta’ ENG1$39.95
Rosa ‘Dainty Bess’ HT10$34.95
Rosa ‘Dancing In The Dark’ FL9$34.95
Rosa ‘Darcey Bussell’ ENG7$39.95
Rosa ‘Dark Desire’ HT7$34.95
Rosa ‘Day Breaker’ FL6$34.95
Rosa ‘Dee-lish’ HT18$34.95
Rosa ‘Della Reese’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Desmond Tutu’ FL8$34.95
Rosa ‘Distant Drums’  FL4$34.95
Rosa ‘Don Juan’ CL6$34.95
Rosa ‘Doris Day’ FL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Double Knock Out’ SH3$34.95
Rosa ‘Dublin Bay’ CL2$34.95
Rosa ‘Easy Going’ FL9$34.95
Rosa ‘Easy On The Eyes’  SH6$34.95
Rosa ‘Easy Spirit’  FL26$34.95
Rosa ‘Easy To Please’ FL6$34.95
Rosa ‘Ebb Tide’ FL24$34.95
Rosa ‘Edith’s Darling’ SH4$34.95
Rosa ‘Elegant Lady’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Firecracker’ Kolorscape SH7$34.95
Rosa ‘Fired Up’ FL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Firefighter’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Flawless’ FL8$34.95
Rosa ‘Folklore’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Forever Yours’ HT7$34.95
Rosa ‘Fragrant Plum’ HT8$34.95
Rosa ‘Frankly Scarlet’ FL9$34.95
Rosa glauca (Red Leaf Rose) 2G5$29.95
Rosa ‘Gold Glow’ HT8$34.95
Rosa ‘Good as Gold’ HT6$34.95
Rosa ‘Gourmet Popcorn’ SH22$34.95
Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’ ENG1$39.95
Rosa ‘Granada’ HT9$34.95
Rosa ‘Grande Amore’ HT1$34.95
Rosa ‘Gypsy Soul’ Eleganza HT9$34.95
Rosa ‘Happy Go Lucky’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Harlow Carr’ ENG1$39.95
Rosa ‘Heirloom’ HT6$34.95
Rosa ‘Home Run’ SH12$34.95
Rosa ‘Honey Dijon’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Honey Perfume’ FL10$34.95
Rosa ‘Honeymoon’ CL3$34.95
Rosa ‘Hot Cocoa’ FL15$34.95
Rosa ‘Iceberg’ FL1$34.95
Rosa ‘Icecap’ SH23$34.95
Rosa ‘Intrigue’ FL7$34.95
Rosa ‘Jubilee Celebration’ ENG3$39.95
Rosa ‘Julia Child’  TREE3$59.95
Rosa ‘Julia Child’ FL27$34.95
Rosa ‘Jump for Joy’  FL11$34.95
Rosa ‘Kiss Me Kate’ CL3$34.95
Rosa ‘Knock Out’ SH10$34.95
Rosa ‘Knock Out’ SH 5G4$49.95
Rosa ‘Kordes Perfecta’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Lady of Shallott’ ENG6$39.95
Rosa ‘Lasting Love’  TREE1$59.95
Rosa ‘Lasting Love’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Lava Flow’ SH4$34.95
Rosa ‘Lavender Crush’ CL9$34.95
Rosa ‘Lavender Veranda’ FL9$34.95
Rosa ‘Lemon Drift’ SH8$34.95
Rosa ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ CL10$34.95
Rosa ‘Liv Tyler’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Livin’ Easy’ FL11$34.95
Rosa ‘Love At First Sight’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Love Song’ FL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Love’s Promise’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Madame Anisette’ HT7$34.95
Rosa ‘Mango Veranda’ FL8$34.95
Rosa ‘Margaret Merril’ FL2$34.95
Rosa ‘Memorial Day’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Michaelangelo’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Midas Touch’ HT1$34.95
Rosa ‘Milano’ SH7$34.95
Rosa ‘Miss All American Beauty’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Miss Congeniality’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Moondance’ FL12$34.95
Rosa ‘Moonlight In Paris’ FL18$34.95
Rosa ‘Moonstone’ HT6$34.95
Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’ ENG7$39.95
Rosa ‘Neil Diamond’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘Neptune’ HT10$34.95
Rosa ‘New Day’ HT3$34.95
Rosa ‘New Zealand’ HT6$34.95
Rosa ‘Olympiad’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Orchid Romance’ FL2$34.95
Rosa ‘Our Anniversary’ FL23$34.95
Rosa ‘Outta The Blue’  SH11$34.95
Rosa ‘Over The Moon’ TREE1$59.95
Rosa ‘Peace’ HT6$34.95
Rosa ‘Peach Drift’ SH7$34.95
Rosa ‘Peach Swirl’ HT8$34.95
Rosa ‘Pearlescent’ SH20$34.95
Rosa ‘Pearly Gates’ CL8$34.95
Rosa ‘Perfume Breeze’ CL11$34.95
Rosa ‘Perfume Delight’ HT1$34.95
Rosa ‘Pillow Fight’ SH2$34.95
Rosa ‘Pillow Fight’ TREE3$59.95
Rosa ‘Pink Drift’ SH9$34.95
Rosa ‘Pink Peace’ HT14$34.95
Rosa ‘Playboy’ FL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Plum Perfect’ FL4$34.95
Rosa ‘Polar Express’ SH18$34.95
Rosa ‘Pope John Paul II’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Poseidon’ FL8$34.95
Rosa ‘Pretty in Pink Eden’ CL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Princess Anne’ ENG3$39.95
Rosa ‘Princess Charlene of Monaco’ HT8$34.95
Rosa ‘Queen Elizabeth’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Queen Mary 2’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Queen of Elegance’ FL10$34.95
Rosa ‘Queen of Elegance’ TREE4$59.95
Rosa ‘Quicksilver’ Arborose CL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Rainbow Happy Trails’ SH3$34.95
Rosa ‘Red Drift’ SH9$34.95
Rosa ‘Red Ribbons’ SH6$34.95
Rosa ‘Roald Dahl’ TREE3$64.95
Rosa rugosa ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ SH12$34.95
Rosa rugosa ‘Frau Dagmar Hartopp’ SH10$34.95
Rosa rugosa ‘Linda Campbell’ SH6$34.95
Rosa rugosa ‘Moje Hammarberg’  SH10$34.95
Rosa rugosa ‘Topaz Jewel’ SH1$34.95
Rosa ‘Sally Holmes’ CL4$34.95
Rosa ‘Savannah’ HT16$34.95
Rosa ‘Scentimental’ FL4$34.95
Rosa ‘Scentuous’ SH5$34.95
Rosa ‘Secret’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Sexy Rexy’ FL3$34.95
Rosa ‘Sheila’s Perfume’ FL12$34.95
Rosa ‘Shirley’s Bouquet’ FL2$34.95
Rosa ‘Shockwave’  FL5$34.95
Rosa ‘Sky’s the Limit’ CL3$34.95
Rosa ‘South Africa’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Sparkle & Shine’ FL12$34.95
Rosa ‘St. Tropez’ FL25$34.95
Rosa ‘State of Grace’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Stiletto’ HT2$34.95
Rosa ‘Stormy Weather’ CL4$34.95
Rosa ‘Strike It Rich’ HT1$34.95
Rosa ‘Summer Romance’ FL12$34.95
Rosa ‘Sunny Knock Out’ SH6$34.95
Rosa ‘Sunshine Happy Trails’ SH5$34.95
Rosa ‘Sunsprite’ FL12$34.95
Rosa ‘Sunstruck’ HT4$34.95
Rosa ‘Sweet Drift’ SH8$34.95
Rosa ‘Sweet Madamoiselle’ HT7$34.95
Rosa ‘Tahitian Sunset’ HT7$34.95
Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’ ENG3$39.95
Rosa ‘The Ancient Mariner’  ENG2$39.95
Rosa ‘Thomas A. Beckett’ ENG4$39.95
Rosa ‘Tiffany’ HT14$34.95
Rosa ‘Top Gun’  SH12$34.95
Rosa ‘Tropicana’ HT8$34.95
Rosa ‘Twilight Zone’ HT12$34.95
Rosa ‘Vanessa Bell’ ENG2$39.95
Rosa ‘Violet’s Pride’ FL14$34.95
Rosa ‘Walking on Sunshine’ FL8$34.95
Rosa ‘White Knock Out’ SH15$34.95
Rosa ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ HT5$34.95
Rosa ‘Wollerton Old Hall’ ENG2$39.95
Rosa ‘Zaide’ HT5$34.95

Inventory last updated 5/21/2020.

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