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Click here for a list of roses we ordered for 2021.

Keep in mind, this list does not necessarily reflect our current selection. Please call ahead to see if a particular variety is in stock.

Girls' Night Out Hybrid Tea
'Girls' Night Out' Hybrid Tea
Miss Congeniality Grandiflora
'Miss Congeniality' Grandiflora
Lemon Fizz Shrub Rose
'Lemon Fizz' Shrub
Home Run Shrub Rose
'Home Run' Shrub
Scentimental Floribunda
'Scentimental' Floribunda
Hot Cocoa Floribunda
'Hot Cocoa' Floribunda
Arctic Blue Floribunda
'Arctic Blue' Floribunda
Playboy Floribunda
'Playboy' Floribunda
St. Tropez Floribunda
'St. Tropez' Floribunda
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8 thoughts on “Roses

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    LeJene Normann - May 3, 2020

    I would like to purchase Strawberry Hill climbing rose, Teasing Georgia climbing rose, and Roald Dahl shrub rose. If Roald Dahl not healthy and available then Jude the Obscure shrub rose. I would like to pick up on Thursday, May 7. Please let me know if available.

    LeJene Normann, telephone 352-318-0707

    1. Reply
      Kim Anderson - May 4, 2020

      Our online inventory shows that we have these rose plants available. Please anticipate receiving a call Wednesday, May 6th to ensure the stock matches the online inventory.

  2. Reply
    Bonnie L Couch - June 7, 2020

    I would like to purchase a Stormy Weather Climbing Rose. How do I do that?

    1. Reply
      Kim Anderson - June 8, 2020

      Climbing roses are showstoppers! Feel free to call the store and speak with Michael, our rose expert. In addition, you can gain information by checking what climbers we have in stock. Simply, look at the box title “Inventory” on our homepage. Next, click on the title “Roses” and you’ll be able to scan through the list of roses now in stock.

  3. Reply
    Roli - July 23, 2020


    I would like to buy English floribunda and hybrid tea roses. Could you please provide more information

    1. Reply
      Kim Anderson - July 24, 2020

      Please take a look at an updated inventory on the front page of our website located in the “Inventory” box. Simply click the “Rose” link and you’ll see the floribunda and hybrid tea roses available today.

      Note that we receive hundreds of varieties each season. A great time to check back is the end of February when our selection is best! An updated rose list will be posted this fall forecasting the roses we will be receiving.
      Best, Kim

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    DEVI - April 30, 2021

    Hi, I would like to purchase ‘Shockwave’ yellow floribunda rose. I see that in the 2021 rose list order, it was there under ‘Tree roses’ , but I need it as a regular Floribunda plant (not Tree form). Do you expect having this next year? I’ll be sure to check back Inventory around Feb next year, but wanted to see if there is any chance so I can decide to wait. Thanks!

    1. Reply
      Kim Anderson - May 5, 2021

      We are hoping to have this lovely rose as it is a burst of sunshine. I’ll ensure our rose buyer receives word of your interest and works to provide this for you and other rose lovers!


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