Japanese Maples are stunning trees with a storied tradition in the horticultural world. With over 1,000 unique cultivars between three species (Acer palmatum, Acer japonicum and Acer shirasawanum), there is a Japanese Maple for every garden. These trees often exhibit multiple leaf colors through the season, and are especially striking as leaves emerge in early spring and as they flush with color before dropping in the fall.

At Wells Medina Nursery you'll find a great selection of Japanese Maples, including large specimen trees and smaller, easy-to-plant trees that will grow into your space. The pictures below are a mere sample of the trees we brought in for 2019. Please call us to see if a particular variety is in stock.

Acer p. 'Geisha Gone Wild'

Acer p. 'Blonde Beauty'

Acer p. 'Manyo no Sato'

Acer p. 'Uki Gumo'

Acer p. 'Peve Starfish'

Acer p. 'Bloodgood'

Acer p. 'Black Hole'

Acer p. 'Royalty'

Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'

Acer p. 'Usu Gumo'

Acer p. 'Sojo no Mai'

Acer p. 'Katsura'

Acer p. 'Shishigashira'

Acer p. 'Seiryu'

Acer p. 'Sango Kaku'

Acer p. 'Ryo Sei'

Acer p. 'Kinshi'

Acer p. 'Kara ori Nishiki'

Acer p. dissectum 'Viridis'

Acer p. dissectum 'Emerald Lace'v

6 thoughts on “Japanese Maples

  1. Reply
    Shannon Parsons - October 23, 2019

    We live in Birch Bay and before we drive down there, could you tell me if you have an
    Acer japonicum Mai Kujaku tree for saie? If so, how tall is if and what is the price?

    1. Reply
      Kim Anderson - October 24, 2019

      The Dancing Peacock or Acer japonicum Mai Kajaku is a beautiful tree! Sadly, we do not have one in stock; however, we have carried Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’and Acer japonicum ‘Giant Moon’ and look forward to having these trees available in the new year. Check back with us as we love these beautiful trees, too!

  2. Reply
    juliette - December 2, 2019

    hi! when is the best time to plant a japanese maple in Seattle? When do you bring them in stock? thank you!

    1. Reply
      Kim Anderson - December 2, 2019

      Thanks for inquiring about planting a Japanese Maple. Fall is a great time to plant a maple; spring is also a good time to plant a maple. Both these planting times allow the tree roots to become established while the rest of the tree is dormant. In addition, planting a tree at either of these times allows the plant to be acclimated to its new surroundings prior to the intense heat of July and August. You’ll find our largest selection of trees arriving in March. Feel free to call us for more information!

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    Dana - December 21, 2019

    I like the wooden box pots you have in some of your pictures,what size or of those or what size barrel would you recommend for a permanent planting of a japenese maple?

    1. Reply
      Kim Anderson - December 23, 2019

      Your Japanese maple will look great in a wooden box, container, or barrel. As you look for a container, consider the growth pattern of the specific maple you are planting. Recognize that Japanese maples have “pancake root systems” which prefer shorter, wider containers. View the space and provide the plant with the largest container that will look great in your space!

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