At Wells Medina Nursery, we know that there are few things more satisfying than enjoying garden-fresh produce. From warm, vine-fresh strawberries to cool, crisp apples, we strive to provide a quality selection of exotic and native fruits and vegetables that will be productive in the Pacific Northwest.

The following are examples of plants in our edibles selection. This does not necessarily reflect our current stock. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

Fruit Trees

Come in early to enjoy the season's best selection of fruit trees!

Do you favor Malus 'Northpole' apples? We carry a wide variety of apple, pear, and plum trees. And even if you have a hard time choosing one favorite fruit variety, you'll find satisfaction selecting fruit trees that are 3-way combinations! Oh, the possibilities!

Feel free to call the store to check if your favorite variety is waiting for YOU!

Malus 'Goldrush' Apple

Small Fruits

Vitis 'Gewurztraminer 04' Wine Grape

Citrus - Varieties including Meyer Improved lemon, Thai lime, Yuzu inchandrin Lemon-Lime and Kumquats

Olives - Varieties including Arbequina, Universal, Black Pearl, Star of Crimea and Leccino

Figs - Desert King, Lattarula, Olympian, Vern's Brown Turkey

Grapes - Glenora, Canadice, Black Monukka, Flame Seedless and Suffolk Red

Male/Female Kiwis, Pomegranite, Sechuan Pepper, Pineapple Guava and Boseong Tea Camellias



Yellow and Red Gooseberries

Black and White Currants

Golden and Black Elderberries

Evergreen and Deciduous Blueberries

Blackberries and Raspberries

Everbearing, spring fruiting and fall fruiting Strawberries.

Click here to read our blog about maximizing your fruit harvest.

Vaccinium corymbosum 'Blueray' Northern Highbush Blueberry

Herbs and Veggies

As the weather warms our minds turn to gardening. When considering your garden plan, ensure you rotate areas you plant being mindful of plant families (brassicas, alliums and nightshades) to ensure healthy conditions. Planting the same crop in the same area will deplete key nutrients leading to disease and poor crop production.

With the anticipation of spring, it's time to consider crops that can handle the varied weather. The following vegetables and herbs are crops that don't mind a little chill. In February, arugula, asparagus, cabbage, broad beans, corn salad, mustard, onions, and others cool-season plants can be transplanted into garden beds. In addition, it is also a good time to sow peas, onions, radishes, and spinach. The Seattle Tilth suggests starting seeds indoors like lettuce, broccoli or chard for transplanting in April. 



Having success growing your own food? Share your triumphs, gardening tips and recipes with us in the comment section below or post pictures on social media using the hashtag #WellsintheWild.

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