Plant yourself in our library


At Wells Medina Nursery, we understand that selecting plants and trees can, at times, be overwhelming and downright difficult. Our staff uses a variety of resources to research and select quality plants for our inventory, and we happily offer those same resources to our customers. In addition to the decades of horticulture experience provided by our staff, Wells Medina Nursery has a peaceful, well-stocked library in our store. We encourage our customers to use research as a tool to successfully select and care for plants that fit their gardening needs. Along with a vast, hand-picked selection of books and handouts, the library computer offers online resources. Some of our books can be purchased through our online store.

The amount of time spent researching a plant can be the difference between whether it thrives or perishes. We encourage every horticulturalist - regardless of experience - to thoroughly familiarize themselves with each plant they bring home.

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