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How much garlic do I plant? Look at these frequently asked questions for answers. You’ll see that planting garlic is simple and provides delicious rewards!


  • How much garlic should I plant? One garlic clove produces a head of 6 to 25 cloves depending on the variety. Decide how many heads you need, and buy a clove for each needed head.
  • When is the best time to plant garlic? Plant garlic in October. Later in the month is optimal.
  • How do I plant each clove? Plant the clove 2 inches deep and 6 to 9 inches apart in rich, well-drained soil.
  • I live in a cold area, can I plant garlic? Yes! It grows in Alaska. For very cold winters, simply add mulch (clean straw, leaves, or evergreen boughs) to protect your freshly planted cloves.
  • I have clay soil, is there a type of garlic that will work for me? Yes, see our varieties list. If you amending your soil with organic matter, you’ll have even more options.

Have additional question? Take a look at our Garlic Planting Tips, Garlic Varieties, and Hardneck and Softneck Garlic guide.

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