*The varieties listed below are varieties we are planning to provide for the 2020 growing season. This list is subject to change at a moment's notice. Please call to ensure a particular variety is in stock.*

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AMISH PASTE PASTE 85 days. Heirloom called the “ultimate paste tomato.” Deep red colored fruit are hearty tasting. Perfect for sauce & slicing. Indeterminate.
SAN MARZANO PASTE 80 days. Italian heirloom! Delicious-flavored Roma that makes great sauces & pastes. Holds well on vine and in storage. Indeterminate.
SPECKLED ROMAN PASTE 80-85 days. Great for fresh eating or sauce. Elongated, bright red fruit with golden striped 6-8oz. plum tomatoes. Excellent flavor. Indeterminate.
EARLY GIRL MID-SIZE 60 day. Customer favorite! Easy and prolific grower of 4-5 ounce red, globe-shaped tomatoes that arrive early and taste great. Indeterminate.
GARDEN GEM MID-SIZE 72 days. Breakthrough tomato! Heirloom taste with high-yield and disease resistance. Top-rated taste and smooth skin! Indeterminate.
GREEN ZEBRA MID-SIZE 72 days. Gourmet saladette-sized fruit that are perfect for salads and sauces. Yellow-gold with dark green striped fruit have a lemon flavor. Indeterminate.
OREGON SPRING MID-SIZE 60 days. Extra early bearing Northwest bush variety produces 4″ bright red, tasty fruit. Cultivated by Oregon State University! Determinate.
STUPICE MID-SIZE 55 days. Czechoslovakian heirloom! Extremely early producer of saladette-sized red fruit on high-yielding clusters. Sweet & acidic flavor. Indeterminate.
“W” HYBRID MID-SIZE 70-75 days. NEW! So new it has no official name. Abundant large round, deep red, 6-ounce fruit. High lycopene, antioxidant, content. Disease resistant. Determinate.


BLACK CHERRY CHERRY 64 days. All-tune favorite heirloom cherry tomato that is sweeter and larger than larger tomatoes. Indeterminate.
CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES CHERRY 50-55 days. Plant produces red striped fruit with a hint of green. Bite-sized fruit are both beautiful & tasty. Productive & disease resistant. Indeterminate.
GARDEN GEM CHERRY 50-55 days. Considered the “best tasting” by reviewers. Produces large amounts of elongated, red 2-ounce fruit. Disease resistant. Semi-determinate.
GREEN TIGER CHERRY 70-75 days. Trial Garden Winner! Bold, sweet, acidic taste on greenish, yellow fruit with striking green stripe. Indeterminate.
MEXICO MIDGET CHERRY 60-70 days. Winner of taste tests! Dark red ½ - ¾” fruit filled with flavor. Very productive plant. Indeterminate.
PETIT MOINEAU CHERRY 70-75 days. Heirloom called “Little Sparrow” that grows sweet red, currant-type tomatoes. Disease resistant. Indeterminate.
PIGLET WILLEY’S FRENCH BLACK CHERRY 70-75 days. “Best Tasting” and the winner of Tomatomania. Dark red 2 oz. fruit with chocolate brown shoulders and intense flavor. Prolific. Indeterminate.
RIESLING CHERRY 55-60 days. AGM award winner with juicy, grape-sized fruit that produces prolifically on hearty plants. Favorite of Europeans. Indeterminate
SUGAR LUMP CHERRY 65-75 days. Sweet German heirloom (AKA ‘Gardner’s Delight’) produces heavy yields of 1”, deep red, crack-resistant fruit until frost. Indeterminate.
SUN GOLD CHERRY 55-65 days. Savory, sweet golden tomatoes grow prolifically on reliable, early producing plants. The “must have” cherry tomato. Indeterminate.
SUNRISE BUMBLEBEE CHERRY 70 days. Chefs’ favorite artisan tomato - sweet, fruity tasting tomato colored with swirls of red & orange. Plants are vigorous. Indeterminate.
SUN SUGAR CHERRY 75 days. Ultimate in cherry tomatoes, beautiful and sweet. Golden-yellow 1/2-ounce fruit have thin, crack-resistant skin. Prolific producers. Indeterminate.
SWEET APERITIF CHERRY 80 days. English gardeners call this tomato the “sweetest cherry.” High yielding producer of flavorful and amazingly sweet, tangy fruit. Indeterminate.
SWEET BABY GIRL CHERRY 65 days. Sweet, juicy, dark red petite fruit grow in large clusters on disease-resistant plants. Indeterminate.
SWEET MILLION CHERRY 60-62 days. Customer favorite. Early bearing masses of 1/2 ounce sweet, red fruit grow on vigorous stems that are disease resistant. Indeterminate.
SWEET 100 CHERRY 65 days. Hybrid plant with long clusters that bear many sweet, bite-sized tomatoes. Indeterminate.
YELLOW PEAR CHERRY 70 days. Vigorous plant bears bright yellow, bite-sized, pear-shaped tangy fruit that is low in acid. Prolific producer. Indeterminate.


AUNT RUBY’S GREEN SLICER 80 days. Heirloom from Tennessee! Brilliant, neon green colored beefsteak tomato that has a fruity sweet, yet slightly spicy flavor. Indeterminate.
BEEF STEAK SLICER 80 days. Heirloom! Old time favorite due to its huge size and deliciously juicy fruit. Grows on vigorous vines. Indeterminate.
BIG BEEF SLICER 72 days. Large, red fruit grow to a pound size. Tomatoes are juicy with old-fashioned beefsteak flavor. Broad disease tolerance. Indeterminate.
BLACK KRIM SLICER 75 days. Russian heirloom! Fruit grow to 12 ounces and are violet-red with dark blackened shoulders. Rich flavor with a hint of saltiness. Indeterminate.
BRANDYWINE SLICER 78 days. Amish heirloom! Popular! Large, red-skinned tomato has smooth flesh and rich flavor. Potato leaf plant is best staked or caged. Indeterminate.
CHEROKEE PURPLE SLICER 72 days. Tennessee heirloom! Medium-large, flattened globed-shaped tomatoes are dusky pink. Sweet and rich flavor. Indeterminate.
GARDEN TREASURE SLICER 72 days. Breakthrough tomato! This tomato has heirloom taste with high-yield and disease resistance. Fruit is smooth and 8-9 ounces. Indeterminate.
GOLIATH BUSH SLICER 68 days. Beautiful red, blemish-free skin covers 3-4” sweet tomatoes. Disease resistant. Determinate. Great for containers. Hybrid.
GREAT WHITE SLICER 78 days. Unusual, cream-colored beefsteak. This large tomato has sweet melon-like flavor and is low in acidity. Indeterminate.
MORTGAGE LIFTER SLICER 80 days. Large, 1 lb. beefsteak tomatoes are pink, sweet, and abundant. Indeterminate.
MOSKOVITCH SLICER 65 days. Russian heirloom! Grower favorite due to high yields! This is an early producer of deep red, fantastic-flavored 4-6-ounce fruit! Indeterminate.
MR. STRIPEY SLICER 80 days. (AKA Tigerella.) Uniquely striped yellow, pink, and red fruit grow to 1 pound. Taste is sweet having high sugar content. Indeterminate.
MULE TEAM SLICER 70-80 days. A plentiful yield of 3” fruit 8-12oz in weight with smoot skin. Excellent mildly sweet flavor with tang. Disease resistant. Indeterminate.


SLICER 65-75 days. Large psychedelic-colored 8-12-ounce fruit with excellent sweet flavor. Preferred in customer taste tests. Indeterminate.
“W” HYBRID SLICER 70-75 days. New! Higher in lycopene, antioxidants than other tomatoes. Abundant round, deep-red fruit on disease resistant plants. Determinate.
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