Follow these guidelines to have successful tomato growing seasons:

  • Find a spot where your tomato plants will have six or more hours of full sun each day.
  • Before planting, prepare your garden area using compost. We suggest EB Stone Planting Compost.
  • If you are using containers, mix 2/3 potting soil with 1/3 planting compost for the ideal blend.
  • Use stakes and cages, especially for indeterminate types. Indeterminate plants will continue to grow throughout the season.
  • Tomato plants benefit from being planted deeply. Simply cut off the lowest leaves and bury part of the stem (no more than six inches of the plant below the ground!)
  • If you select plants with varying "days to maturity," you will have a full season of tomatoes.
  • Water plants so the roots are soaked every three to four days during the first few weeks. As plants grow, water deeply and more infrequently.
  • In mid-August, start removing blossoms and small fruit to help existing tomatoes ripen.

Have fun, and feel free to share your successes and recipes (or try ours!) with us using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by coming into the store!



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