Here are the tomato varieties our staff members loved best in 2018:

  • Lisa's New Fav: 'Sweet Aperitif' - A very sweet cherry tomato with a refreshing acid tang. Its perfect size makes it sassy and sweet.
  • Wendy's Sure Winner: 'Sungold' - This cherry tomato produces scores of delicious golden tomatoes throughout the season.
  • Kim's Dream Fruit: 'Blush' - Excellent sweet, fruity tasting 'saladette' tomato with yellow skin and red stripes.
  • Jane's Treat: 'Pink Brandywine' - This large pink slicer - an Amish heirloom - has intense flavor.
  • Sam's Selection: ''Moskovich' - This early blooming heirloom produces tasty fruit weeks before the others, satisfying my craving for homegrown tomato slices.
  • Fun Pick: 'Kellogg's Breakfast' - An heirloom slicer that is worth eating any time. This orange tomato has great taste and amazing appeal.

Feel free to share your favorite tomato varieties and recipes with us using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by coming into the nursery.

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