*This list is what we ordered for spring of 2019. This list does not necessarily reflect our current selection of roses, please call ahead to confirm availability.*


ABBAYE DE CLUNY Apricot 3-4 ft. 3 - spicy citrus Large, cupped antique-shaped blooms
ABOUT FACE Gold/Orange 6 ft. 2 - apple Unique bicolor blend of gold and deep orange
ALL DRESSED UP Medium Pink 4-5 ft. 2 - tea rose Old-fashioned cupped, quartered pink blooms
ALL MY LOVING Dark Pink 5-6 ft. 2 - tea rose Tall and stately, with classic spiralling HT blooms
AMERICAN BEAUTY Dark Pink 3-4 ft. 4 - damask rose The classic hybrid perpetual, bred in 1875
ANNA'S PROMISE Gold/Bronze 4 ft. 3 - fruity Golden petals w/ pink blush & a bronze reverse
APRIL IN PARIS Cream/Pink 5 ft. 4 - tea rose Classic spiral cream blooms edged in soft pink
ASCOT Purplish Pink 4-5 ft. 2 - tea rose Large, cupped and full blooms; vigorous
AUGUSTA LOUISE Pink/Orange/Yellow 4-5 ft. 4 - fruity citrus Full, very fragrant multi-colored blooms
BARONNE DE ROTHSCHILD Cherry Red/Pink 5-6 ft. 4 - spicy Exhibition quality blooms, very fragrant
BEAUTIFUL DAY Apricot 4-5 ft. 3 - fruity Very large spiral blooms lighten on outer petals
BEVERLY Pink 4 ft. 5 - spicy Large, full blooms in shades of pink; very fragrant
BEWITCHED Medium Pink 4-5 ft. 4 - old rose A classic pink exhibition rose. Best color when cool
BLISS Pink/Apricot 3-4 ft. 2 - fruity Old-fashioned apricot blooms with a pink center
BLUE GIRL Lavender 4-5 ft. 3 - fruity An excellent lavender cutting rose; fruity scent
CABANA Pink/Yellow 5 ft. 3 - spicy Rose pink blooms striped with light yellow
CHERRY PARFAIT (OR) White & Red 3-4 ft. 1 - tea rose White blooms edged in red, dark green foliage
CHICAGO PEACE Pink/Yellow 3-4 ft. 2 - fruity A sport of "Peace", with deeper, richer color
CHRIS EVERT Orange & Red 4 ft. 2 - fruity Melon orange blooms blush red on the edges
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL Velvety Red 4 ft. 5 - damask rose Classic red HT blooms on long, straight stems
CORETTA SCOTT KING White & Coral 4-5 ft. 3 - spicy tea Creamy white blooms blush coral-orange on edges
CRAZY LOVE Copper Yellow 4 ft. 2 - tea rose Copper yellow blooms gain hints of pink as they age
DARK DESIRE Deep Red 4-5 ft. 5 - citrus/fruit Exceptional fragrance; gains purple tones
DEE-LISH Deep Pink 6 ft. 4 - verbena/citrus Old fashioned flower form, strong fragrance
DOLLY PARTON Orange-Red 4 ft. 4 - sweet rose Brilliantly colored, strongly fragrant HT blooms
DOUBLE DELIGHT Cream/Red 4 ft. 5 - spicy rose Creamy blooms blushing red; strong spicy scent
DREAM COME TRUE Gold/Red 5-6 ft. 2 - tea rose Golden blooms edged in red; very floriferous
ELEGANT LADY Ivory/Pink 5 ft. 3 - tea rose Spiral ivory blooms with a clear pink blush
ELLE Shell Pink/Cream 5 ft. 4 - citrus/spice Large, extra full, soft pink flowers, strong fragrance
ETERNAL FLAME (OR) Pastel Yellow 6 ft. 4 - citrus Long stems & good fragrance - great cutting rose
FALLING IN LOVE Soft Pink 4 ft. 4 - rose/fruit Great form, color and fragrance, good for cutting
FIREFIGHTER Velvety Red 5-6 ft. 5 - old rose Large dusky red blooms, strongly fragrant
FIRST PRIZE Swirled Pink 4-5 ft. 2 - tea rose A top exhibition rose with many shades of pink
FRAGRANT CLOUD Coral Red/Orange 4-5 ft. 5 - spicy /sweet One of the most popular, most fragrant hybrid teas
FRANCIS MEILLAND Soft Pink 6 ft. 4 - sweet citrus Superb disease resistance, good fragrance
FULL SAIL White 5 ft. 4 - honeysuckle Strong, sweet fragrance in double white blooms
GEMINI Cream/Pink 5 ft. 2 - fruity Great coloration and a superb cutting rose
GENTLE GIANT Vibrant Pink 5 ft. 3 - fruity Enormous, vividly pink, classic hybrid tea blooms
GIRLS NIGHT OUT Dark Pink 5 ft. 3 - spicy Dusky pink petals with a lavender-pink reverse
GOLD MEDAL Golden Yellow 6 ft. 4 - fruity Deep yellow blooms on long, low-thorned stems
GOOD AS GOLD Golden Orange 5 ft. 3 - citrus A bold new color, on a tall plant with long stems
GRANDE DAME Deep Pink 6 ft. 5 - old rose Nodding clusters of deeply fragrant HT blooms
GYPSY SOUL Cherry Red 3-4 ft. 2 - sweet rose Elegant, productive, blooms early in the season
HEIRLOOM Lilac/Magenta 5 ft. 5 - sweet Performs well in cool PNW conditions
HENRY FONDA Deep Yellow 4 ft. 2 - tea rose Ideal HT bloom form, holds its color, good rebloom
INGRID BERGMAN Deep Red 4 ft. 2 - sweet Superb form on long-lasting, vividly red blooms
JUST JOEY Apricot 4-5 ft. 4 - fruity Large, ruffled blooms & big, dark, glossy leaves
LASTING LOVE Dusky Red 4-5 ft. 4 - old rose Big, showy flowers with very glossy foliage
LEGENDS Ruby Red 5 ft. 3 - fruity Enormous, evenly red blooms, very showy
MADAME ANISETTE Cream/White 4 ft. 5 - licorice/honey Intensely fragrant; good bloom production
MEDALLION Apricot 6 ft. 3 - fruity Exceptionally large blooms of rosy apricot
MEMOIRE Pure White 4 ft. 4 - spicy Classic pure white HT blooms; Nicely fragrant
MEMORIAL DAY Orchid Pink 6 ft. 5 - damask rose Enormous flowers on long, low-thorned stems
MICHAELANGELO (OR) Yellow 5 ft. 4 - sweet lemon Old-fashioned blooms, excellent cutting rose
MIDAS TOUCH Yellow 4 ft. 3 - musky rose Large, exhibition-form blooms w/ lasting color
MIRANDA LAMBERT Hot Pink 4-5 ft. 5 - sweet rose Large, classic HT blooms w/ intense fragrance
MISS CONGENIALITY White/Pink 5-6 ft. 3 - spicy pear Classic white hybrid tea blooms frosted w/ pink
MISTER LINCOLN Deep Red 6 ft. 5 - damask rose The classic fragrant, deep red hybrid tea
MOONLIGHT ROMANTICA (OR) Light Yellow 5-6 ft. 4 - sweet rose Heavily petaled soft yellow blooms; fragrant
MOONSTONE White/Pink 3-4 ft. 2 - tea rose Porcelain white blooms edged with light pink
NEIL DIAMOND Deep Pink/White 5 ft. 5 - old rose Vividly striped, large blooms are deeply fragrant
NEPTUNE Lavender/Purple 5 ft. 4 - sweet rose One of the best lavenders, and richly fragrant
NEW ZEALAND Light Pink 4-5 ft. 5 - honeysuckle Incredible fragrance, bright blooms, dark foliage
OKLAHOMA Dark Red 5 ft. 5 - sweet rose Dark, velvety red blooms; intensely fragrant
OLYMPIAD Deep Red 4-5 ft. 2 - fruity Proven, consistent color, held on long stems
OVER THE MOON Warm Apricot 5 ft. 3 - fruity Enormous blooms of warm apricot tones
PARADE DAY Pink/White 4-5 ft. 4 - spicy citrus Spiral blooms are fuschia pink striped with white
PEACE Yellow/Pink 5 ft. 2 - fruity Since 1945, America's most popular rose
PEACH SWIRL Peach/Apricot 6 ft. 4 - spicy fruit Swirls of peach, apricot and soft yellow tones
PERFUME DELIGHT Deep Pink 5 ft. 5 - damask rose Strong scent & well-formed flowers on long stems
PINK PEACE Medium Pink 5 ft. 5 - old rose Very large blooms, intensely fragrant; long stems
PINKERBELLE Cream/Pink 5 ft. 4 - spicy floral Cream spirals with pink picotte edging; fragrant
POPE JOHN PAUL II Pure White 4 ft. 5 - citrus One of the best, most fragrant white HT roses ever
PRETTY LADY ROSE Deep Pink 4 ft. 3 - spicy peony Old-fashioned blooms, interesting fragrance
PRINCESS CHARLENE OF MONACO Medium Pink 4 ft. 4 - old rose Large, ruffled, old-fashioned blooms. Fragrant.
QUEEN ELIZABETH Clear Pink 6-8 ft. 2 - tea rose Tall, long stems produce clusters of large blooms
QUEEN MARY 2 (OR) Pure White 4 ft. 4 - rose/banana Distinctive fragrance, hardy and disease resistant
RADIANT PERFUME Deep Yellow 4 ft. 5 - citrus One of the most fragrant of any yellow rose
ROCK & ROLL Red & Cream 4-5 ft. 4 - fruit & rose Large blooms are burgundy red w/ white stripes
SAVANNAH Pink blend 4 ft. 4 - sweet rose Warm pink blooms with darker pink edges
SHIRLEY'S BOUQUET White 3-4 ft. 5 - sweet rose Formal, pure white blooms; outstanding fragrance
SOUTH AFRICA Golden Yellow 4-5 ft. 2 - tea rose Large, non-fading blooms of golden amber
STAINLESS STEEL Silvery Lavender 5-6 ft. 4 - old rose Distinctive color on tall plant w/ dark green leaves
STEPHEN'S BIG PURPLE Purplish Pink 5-6 ft. 4 - spicy Very large, very fragrant exhibition-form blooms
SUGAR MOON Pure White 6 ft. 5 - citrus rose Big, pointed buds of pure white & intense fragrance
SUNSET CELEBRATION Apricot/Amber 4-5 ft. 2 - fruity Captivating blend of warm, rich sunset colors
SUNSTRUCK Yellow/Gold 5 ft. 1 - tea rose Large blooms of apricot orange & a yellow reverse
SWEET MADEMOISELLE (OR) Peachy Pink 4-5 ft. 4 - sweet rose Large, full blooms are more vivid in cooler temps
SWEET SPIRIT Cherry Red 3-4 ft. 4 - sweet rose Large, classic red HT blooms on a shorter plant
TROPICANA Coral Orange 4-5 ft. 2 - fruity Large shapely blooms - a longtime favorite
TWILIGHT ZONE Plum Purple 4-5 ft. 3 - spicy rose Large, scalloped blooms of deep purple
VOLUPTUOUS! Deep Pink 5 ft. 2 - sweet rose High centered, full blooms of deep fuchsia pink
VOODOO Orange/Pink 5-6 ft. 4 - fruity Spiral blooms of deep orange, pink & yellow


ANGEL FACE Lavender 3-4 ft. 4 - citrus Nearly continual, ruffled lavender blooms; fragrant
ARCTIC BLUE Lavender/Pink 4 ft. 3 - fruity citrus Cool lavender-pink blooms w/ a cream reverse
BOLERO White 4 ft. 4 - spicy rose Fragrant white blooms w/ dark glossy foliage
CELESTIAL NIGHT Plum Purple 3-4 ft. 2 - fruity Deep plum purple blooms w/ a dark pink reverse
CHIHULY Orange/Yellow/Pink 4 ft. 1 - tea rose Vivid blend of orange, yellow and pink
DANCING IN THE DARK Dark Red 3-4 ft. 1 - tea rose Clusters of deep red blooms darken as they age
DAY BREAKER Peach/Yellow 4-5 ft. 1 - fruity Profuse displays of pastel peachy yellow flowers
DESMOND TUTU Bright Red 3 ft. 1 - tea rose Abundant clusters of large, bright red blooms
DISTANT DRUMS Tan/Orchid Pink 3-4 ft. 3 - myrhh Unusual color and a distinctive fragrance
DROP DEAD RED Velvet Red 4-5 ft. 1 - tea rose Long-lasting, vividly red blooms w/ dark green leaves
EARTH ANGEL Pink/Cream 3.5 ft. 4 - citrus/fruit Peony-shaped blooms are more pink in center
EASY DOES IT Peachy Pink 3-4 ft. 2 - fruity Season-long abundance of peachy pink blooms
EASY GOING Yellow 3-4 ft. 2 - fruity Easy-to-grow, low shrub almost always in bloom
EASY SPIRIT White/Cream 3-4 ft. 1 - tea rose Abundant creamy white blooms; disease resistant
FIRED UP (OR) Orange/Yellow 5 ft. 1 - tea rose Striking, vividly colored blooms; lots of blooms
FIRST CRUSH Cream 3-4 ft. 4 - fruity citrus Exceptionally fragrant; porcelain colored blooms
FLAWLESS Medium Pink 2-3 ft. 3 - fruity Great HT form blooms; nicely fragrant; floriferous
FRENCH LACE Creamy White 4-5 ft. 2 - fruity Dark foliage enhances the pastel white blooms
HOT COCOA Chocolate Orange 4 ft. 2 - tea rose Unique color even more distinctive w/ dark foliage
ICEBERG (OR) White 4-5 ft. 2 - honey The world's most-planted white landscape rose
INTRIGUE Plum Purple 4 ft. 4 - citrus Dark foliage enhances the unusual bloom color
JULIA CHILD (OR) Golden Yellow 4 ft. 4 - spicy licorice Glossy foliage, easy-to-grow, prolific bloomer
JUMP FOR JOY Peachy Pink 4 ft. 1 - apple Large showy clusters of peachy pink blooms
KOKO LOCO Choco-Lavender 4 ft. 2 - tea rose Milk chocolate buds open to lavender - unique!
LE PETIT PRINCE Silvery lavender 3-4 ft. 5 - citrus & rose Deeply fragrant, vigorous and floriferous
LIFE OF THE PARTY Yellow/Pink 3-4 ft. 4 - fruity citrus Old-fashioned yellow blooms kissed with pink
LIVIN' EASY (OR) Apricot Orange 3-4 ft. 2 - fruity Easy-to-grow, low shrub almost always in bloom
LOVE SONG Lavender 4 ft. 2 - citrus Abundant, long-lasting lavender blooms
MARGARET MERRILL White 3-4 ft. 5 - sweet citrus Exhibition form blooms, deeply fragrant
MIDNIGHT MYSTIQUE Purple/Pink 2-3 ft. 2 - sweet Pink-edged purple blooms w/ pointed petals
MOONLIGHT IN PARIS Peach/Pink/White 3-4 ft. 3 - spicy fruit Warm pastel tones of peach, cream, pink & yellow
ORCHID ROMANCE Dark Pink 4 ft. 5 - citrus Incredibly fragrant old-fashioned blooms
PLAYBOY Red/Orange/Yellow 4 ft. 2 - apple Brilliant blooms w/ very glossy green foliage
FLORIBUNDAS (continued)
PLUM PERFECT Deep Lavender 2-3 ft. 1 - tea rose Abundant production of plum-colored blooms
RAZZLE DAZZLE Orange 3-4 ft. 3 - sweet rose Bright orange blooms with a hint of pink
ROSIE THE RIVETER Orange/Gold/Pink 3 ft. 3 - spicy fruit Orange-gold blooms w/ pink & a gold reverse
SAN TROPEZ Apricot Orange 3-4 ft. 4 - licorice Large, ruffled apricot-orange blooms; fragrant
SCENTIMENTAL Cranberry & Cream 4 ft. 4 - spicy sweet Red & white bi-color blooms, each is unique
SEXY REXY Pink 4 ft. 1 - tea rose Vigorous, prolific bloomer - superb landscape rose
SHEILA'S PERFUME Pink/Yellow 4 ft. 4 - fruity rose Vibrant, fragrant, hybrid tea-like blooms
SHOCKWAVE Bright Yellow 3-4 ft. 1 - tea rose Incredibly bright yellow blooms with lasting color
SPARKLE & SHINE Bright Yellow 4 ft. 3 - fruity Bright, long-lasting yellow blooms & glossy foliage
SUNSPRITE Deep Yellow 4 ft. 4 - sweet licorice World's best-selling yellow rose, nicely fragrant
TAKE IT EASY Red/White 3-4 ft. 1 - tea rose Bright, abundant blooms; very disease resistant
WALKING ON SUNSHINE Yellow 3-4 ft. 3 - licorice Abundant clusters of bright yellow blooms
VAVOOM Orange 3 ft. 3 - spicy Brilliant orange, ruffled blooms; good fragrance
VIOLET'S PRIDE Lavender 4 ft. 4 - spicy fruit Fragrant lavender blooms w/ a magenta center


ABRAHAM DARBY (OR) Apricot/Yellow 5 ft. 5 - spicy fruit Very large blooms; vigorous, healthy, reliable
THE ANCIENT MARINER Soft Pink 5 ft. 4 - myrrh Large pink blooms with soft pink outer petals
THE ALNWICK ROSE Medium Pink 4 ft. 4 - rose/fruit Broad, cupped blooms w/ raspberry fragrance
BATHSHEBA Apricot 8-10 ft. 4 - myrrh Apricot rosettes on a vigorous climber; fragrant
BOSCOBEL (OR) Salmon Pink 3 ft. 4 - myrrh/fruit Classic rosette blooms of rich salmon pink
BROTHER CADFAEL Deep Pink 5 ft. 5 - old rose Large, peony-form cupped blooms; very fragrant
CLAIRE AUSTIN (OR) Cream 4-6 ft. 4 - myrrh/vanilla Unusual fragrance, good foliage, very hardy
CROWN PRINCESS MARGARETA Apricot/Yellow 5 ft. 4 - fruity Neat apricot rosettes on a tall, upright shrub
DARCEY BUSSELL (OR) Crimson 3-4 ft. 3 - fruity Excellent repeat and disease resistance; compact
DESDEMONA White 4 ft. 4 - old rose Chalice-shaped white blooms w/ hint of pink
FALSTAFF Crimson 4 ft. 4 - old rose Large, cupped blooms of rich, dark crimson
THE GENEROUS GARDENER Pale Pink 10-12 ft. 4 - musk/myrrh Beautifully formed, nodding soft pink flowers
GERTRUDE JEKYLL (OR) Bright Pink 5-7 ft. 5 - old rose Large, rosette-shaped blooms of rich, glowing pink
GOLDEN CELEBRATION Golden Yellow 4-5 ft. 5 - tea/citrus Strong, healthy, easy to grow, with a rich fragrance
GRAHAM THOMAS (OR) Yellow 5-8 ft. 4 - tea rose One of the most popular English roses ever
HERITAGE Soft Pink 5 ft. 4 - honey/fruit Delicate, shell pink blooms w/ superb fragrance
JUDE THE OBSCURE Buff Yellow 4-5 ft. 5 - wine/fruit Very large chalice-shaped blooms; incredible scent
LADY EMMA HAMILTON Orange tones 4 ft. 5 - fruity citrus Rich tangerine-orange blooms; superb fragrance
LADY OF SHALOTT (OR) Pale Orange 4 ft. 3 - tea/clove Chalice-shaped blooms with orange, pink & yellow
MUNSTEAD WOOD Deep Crimson 3-4 ft. 4 - fruit/old rose Large, cupped blooms on a compact shrub
OLIVIA ROSE AUSTIN (OR) Medium Pink 4 ft. 4 - fruity New for 2015, of the best new English roses yet
THE POET'S WIFE Yellow 4 ft. 5 - sweet citrus Brilliant new English rose; intensely fragrant
PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OF KENT (OR) Bright Pink 4-5 ft. 5 - tea rose Unusually large, very full-petalled flowers
PRINCESS ANNE Deep Pink 3-4 ft. 3 - tea rose Very full-petalled blooms; healthy and compact
QUEEN OF SWEDEN (OR) Soft Pink 4 ft. 3 - myrrh Exquisite cupped blooms; very healthy and bushy
ROALD DAHL Peachy Yellow 4 ft. 3 - tea rose Very free-flowering, vigorous; few thorns
STRAWBERRY HILL Rose Pink 4 ft. 4 - myrrh Warm colored blooms of excellent quality
TEASING GEORGIA Soft Yellow 6-8 ft. 4 - tea rose Perfectly arranged petals in cupped blooms
WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL (OR) White 4-5 ft. 4 - rose/honey White sport of 'Mary Rose'; free-flowering & hardy
WOLLERTON OLD HALL (OR) Apricot/Cream 5-6 ft. 5 - myrrh Chalice-shaped blooms are deeply fragrant


ABOVE ALL Salmon Orange 8-12 ft. 3 - fruity Updated 'Westerland' w/ more disease resistance
ALL ABLAZE Cherry Red 8-12 ft. 1 - spicy Hardy, vigorous & clean; good repeat bloom
BANKSIAE ALBA PLENA White 20 ft. 2 - sweet Tough, fast-growing and nearly thornless
BANKSIAE LUTEA Yellow 20 ft. 1 - sweet Tough, fast-growing and nearly thornless
CECILE BRUNNER Light Pink 12-14 ft. 2 - tea rose The classic polyantha "sweetheart" rose
COLETTE (OR) Light Pink 8-10 ft. 4 - citrus Fragrant old-fashioned blooms of delightful pink
DARLOW'S ENIGMA White 10-12 ft. 4 - sweet musk Large clusters of fragrant white blooms
DON JUAN Velvety Red 12-14 ft. 4 - old rose Best of the fragrant dark red climbing roses
EDEN CLIMBER (OR) Soft Pink 10-12 ft. 1 - tea rose Dark green foliage shows off large, Old Rose blooms
FLORENTINA Bright Red 6-8 ft. 2 - sweet Old-fashioned quartered blooms of bright, lasting red
GOOD DAY SUNSHINE Yellow 8-10 ft. 2 - tea rose Pure, deep yellow blooms that don't fade with age
HONEYMOON White blend 8-10 ft. 2 - fruity Full old-fashioned white blooms with blush center
ICEBERG, CLIMBING White 8-10 ft. 1 - tea rose Large, white double blooms, very hardy
JOSEPH'S COAT Yellow/Orange/Red 10-12 ft. 1 - tea rose Abundant blooms are a kaleidoscope of color
KISS ME KATE Soft Pink 6-8 ft. 4 - sweet citrus Quartered, cupped, scalloped blooms; fragrant
LADY IN RED Dark Red 8-10 ft. 1 - tea rose Old-fashioned ruffled blooms of deep, true red
LAGUNA Deep Pink 8-10 ft. 4 - spicy rose Deep pink blooms appear quartered; healthy
LAVENDER CRUSH Lavender/Cream 6-7 ft. 4 - rose & citrus Old-fashioned blooms on graceful, arching stems
LEONARDO DA VINCI Deep Pink 5-6 ft. 1 - tea rose Smaller size plant with a true climbing habit
NEW DAWN (OR) Pink 18-20 ft. 2- sweet rose Large, fragrant blooms; glossy dark green foliage
PAUL'S HIMALAYAN MUSK Light Pink 20-30 ft. 4 - sweet musk Very large, vigorous, fragrant antique rambling rose
PERFUME BREEZE Pink/Cream 6-8 ft. 4 - spicy sweet Large clusters of very fragrant, small blooms
PRETTY IN PINK EDEN (OR) Vivid Pink 10-12 ft. 2 - sweet A new color for the popular "Eden" climber
QUICKSILVER Lavender 6-8 ft. 1 - tea rose Lavender blooms with purple center; vigorous
SALLY HOLMES White 8-12 ft. 1 - sweet Large-petalled single blooms; prolific bloomer
SKY'S THE LIMIT Butter Yellow 10-12 ft. 1 - fruity Ruffled, butter yellow blooms w/ dark foliage
TANGERINE SKIES Orange 6-8 ft. 3 - sweet rose Lasting, bright orange blooms; nice fragrance
WESTERLAND Orange 10-12 ft. 4 - spicy rose Prolific bloomer, very hardy, strongly fragrant
WHITE EDEN (OR) White 10-12 ft. 1 - tea rose All the qualities of 'Eden', but in bright white
ALBA (OR) White 4-5 ft. 3 - spicy sweet Loves coastal conditions, extremely hardy
BLANC DOUBLE DE COUBERT Pure White 3-4 ft. 4 - sweet rose Nearly continuous blooms, great fragrance
FRAU DAGMAR HARTOPP Light Pink 2-3 ft. 2 - sweet Most compact rugosa, prolific bloomer
HANSA (OR) Magenta 5-6 ft. 4 - spicy clove Rich fragrance, extremely tough and durable
MOJE HAMMARBERG (OR) Rose Pink 3-4 ft. 3 - spicy A more compact, floriferous form of 'Hansa'
ROSE A PARFUM DE L'HAY Cherry Red 4-5 ft. 4 - spicy Bright cherry red blooms & a delicious fragrance
TOPAZ JEWEL Butter Yellow 4 ft. 2 - fruity All the hardy rugosa traits with yellow blooms


APRICOT DRIFT (OR) Apricot 2 ft. 0 Glossy dark leaves show off season-long blooms
BLUSHING KNOCK OUT (OR) Light Pink 4 ft. 0 Exceptional disease resistance, soft pink blooms
BONICA (OR) Pink 4 ft. 2 - apple Cleany, showy, and very cold hardy
CHILDREN'S HOPE (OR) Rosy Red 3 ft. 1 - tea rose Very floriferous, very tough & brilliant color
CORAL DRIFT (OR) Coral 2 ft. 0 Bright coral-orange blooms on a compact shrub
DOUBLE KNOCK OUT (OR) Rose Pink 4 ft. 0 Bright pink double blooms, extremely tough
EASY ON THE EYES Magenta/Purple 3 ft. 3 - spicy citrus Deep purple 'eye', floriferous & disease resistant
EDITH'S DARLING (OR) Apricot 2.5 ft. 3 - fruity Compact, rounded, and nicely fragrant
FIRECRACKER Orange/Yellow 3 ft. 1 - sweet Bright orange/yellow blooms; floriferous
GOURMET POPCORN (OR) White 2-3 ft. 3 - sweet rose Abundant blooms, great for containers
HOME RUN (OR) Bright Red 4 ft. 1 - tea rose Very hardy, clean & disease resistant
ICECAP (OR) White 3 ft. 0 Compact, floriferous, very easy to grow
KNOCK OUT (OR) Red 4 ft. 0 Exceptional disease resistance, bright red flowers
LEMON DRIFT (OR) Yellow 2 ft. 0 Bushy, compact & rounded; disease resistant
LEMON FIZZ (OR) Yellow 3 ft. 1 - sweet Lots of brilliant yellow blooms, glossy foliage
MILWAUKEE'S CALATRAVA (OR) Creamy White 4-5 ft. 4 - citrus Incredible fragrance, nearly continuous blooms
OUTTA THE BLUE Magenta/Lavender 4 ft. 4 - clove & rose Clusters of multi-hued blooms; floriferous
PEACH DRIFT (OR) Peach 2 ft. 0 Profuse displays of soft peach-colored blooms
POLAR EXPRESS Ivory 4 ft. 3 - sweet rose Clusters of fragrant, long-lasting ivory blooms
POPCORN DRIFT (OR) Yellow/Cream 2 ft. 0 Prolific blooms start butter yellow, fade to white
RAINBOW HAPPY TRAILS (OR) Pink/Yellow 1-2 ft. 1 - tea rose True groundcover habit, very floriferous
RAINBOW KNOCK OUT (OR) Coral Pink 3-4 ft. 0 Yellow centers highlight the plentiful coral blooms
RED DRIFT (OR) Crimson 2 ft. 0 Compact & tough; ideal for borders, rock walls
RED RIBBONS (OR) Bright Red 2-3 ft. 0 Bright, lasting blooms on showy, draping foliage
SUNNY KNOCK OUT (OR) Creamy Yellow 4 ft. 2 - fruity Great disease resistance, abundant yellow blooms
SUNSHINE HAPPY TRAILS (OR) Butter Yellow 1-2 ft. 2 - fruity True groundcover habit, very floriferous
SWEET DRIFT (OR) Bright Pink 2 ft. 0 Glossy dark foliage, continuous bright pink flowers
THE FAIRY (OR) Pink 2-3 ft. 0 Interesting fern-like foliage, profuse blooms
TOP GUN Red/Burgundy 3 ft. 2 - fruity Outstanding disease resistance, floriferous
WHITE DRIFT (OR) White 2 ft. 0 All the great Drift qualities, with pure white flowers
WHITE MEIDILAND (OR) White 3-4 ft. 0 Great groundcover habit, very floriferous
WHITE OUT (OR) White 3-4 ft. 0 Very tough; dark foliage shows off white blooms
YABBA DABBA DOO (OR) Orange/Pink 3 ft. 1 - tea rose Profuse displays of orange/pink blooms


CELESTIAL NIGHT Plum Purple 3-4 ft. 2 - fruity Deep plum purple blooms with a dark pink reverse
EBB TIDE Purple 3 ft. 4 - spicy clove Clusters of deeply colored, very fragrant blooms
EBB TIDE/JULIA CHILD Purple & Yellow 3-4 ft. 4 - spicy clove Purple 'Ebb Tide' and yellow 'Julia Child' on 1 tree
FULL SAIL White 5 ft. 4 - honeysuckle Strong, sweet fragrance in double white blooms
INGRID BERGMAN Deep Red 4 ft. 2 - sweet Superb HT form on long-lasting, vividly red blooms
JULIA CHILD Golden Yellow 4 ft. 4 - spicy licorice Glossy foliage, easy-to-grow, prolific bloomer
LASTING LOVE Dusky Red 4 ft. 4 - old rose Beautiful classic HT blooms; deeply fragrant
LIFE OF THE PARTY Yellow/Pink 3-4 ft. 4 - fruity citrus Old-fashioned yellow blooms kissed with pink
POPE JOHN PAUL II Pure White 4 ft. 5 - citrus One of the best, most fragrant white HT roses ever
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