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Rhododendron A. Bedford
Rhododendron Abe Arnott
Rhododendron Alice
Rhododendron Aloha
Rhododendron Amber Waves
Rhododendron Amity
Rhododendron Anah Kruschke
Rhododendron Anita Gehnrich
Rhododendron Anna H. Hall
Rhododendron Anna Rose Whitney
Rhododendron Arctic Tern
Rhododendron Arnold Piper
Rhododendron augustinii
Rhododendron augustinii 'Royal Purple'
Rhododendron Baden Baden
Rhododendron Banana Flip
Rhododendron Barto Alpine
Rhododendron benhallii
Rhododendron Bergie Larson
Rhododendron Besse Howells
Rhododendron Black Eye
Rhododendron Black Magic
Rhododendron Black Sport
Rhododendron Black Widow
Rhododendron Blaney's Blue
Rhododendron Blattgold
Rhododendron Blue Angel
Rhododendron Blue Boy
Rhododendron Blue Diamond
Rhododendron Blue Jay
Rhododendron Blue Nose  (D. Wall. Hyb)
Rhododendron Blue River
Rhododendron Bluebird
Rhododendron Blutopia
Rhododendron Bob's Blue
Rhododendron Bodacious
Rhododendron Boule de Neige
Rhododendron Bow Bells
Rhododendron Briggs Red Star
Rhododendron Bronze Wing
Rhododendron Bruce Brechtbill
Rhododendron Bruce Briggs
Rhododendron Burgundy Lace
Rhododendron burmancium x lindleyi
Rhododendron Butterscotch Brandy
Rhododendron Calsap
Rhododendron Calypso Punch
Rhododendron Capistrano
Rhododendron Carmen
Rhododendron Catawbiense Album
Rhododendron Chemainus
Rhododendron Cherries and Merlot
Rhododendron Chikor
Rhododendron Chionoides
Rhododendron Christmas Cheer
Rhododendron Cilpinense
Rhododendron cinnabarinum ssp. tamaense
Rhododendron Circus
Rhododendron Cloudburst
Rhododendron Coastal Spice
Rhododendron Coastal Sugar
Rhododendron Cody
Rhododendron Colonel Coen
Rhododendron Coral Breeze
Rhododendron Crater Lake
Rhododendron Cream Crest
Rhododendron Creole Belle
Rhododendron Crete
Rhododendron Cunningham's White
Rhododendron Cupcake
Rhododendron Curlew
Rhododendron Cyclops
Rhododendron Daphnoides
Rhododendron Dark Sister
Rhododendron Dazzler
Rhododendron Deep Clover
Rhododendron degroniaunum ssp. yakushimanum Berg
Rhododendron Denali
Rhododendron Doreen Gale
Rhododendron Dorothy Amateis
Rhododendron Dorothy Bishop
Rhododendron Dreamland
Rhododendron Edith Bosley
Rhododendron Elizabeth
Rhododendron Elizabeth (green foliage)
Rhododendron Elizabeth Red Foliage
Rhododendron Else Frye
Rhododendron Emasculum
Rhododendron Ernie Dee
Rhododendron Evening Glow
Rhododendron Everred
Rhododendron Extraordinaire
Rhododendron Fashion Plate
Rhododendron fastigiatum [impeditum of Hort]
Rhododendron Felicity Fair
Rhododendron Furnivall's Daughter
Rhododendron Gartendirektor Glocker
Rhododendron Gartendirektor Reiger
Rhododendron Genghis Kahn
Rhododendron Gentle Giant
Rhododendron Gilbert Grape
Rhododendron Ginny Gee
Rhododendron Glowing Gold
Rhododendron Golden Gate
Rhododendron Golden Mist
Rhododendron Golden Torch
Rhododendron Golden Wit
Rhododendron Goldflimmer
Rhododendron Goldschatz (aka Goldprinz)
Rhododendron Golfer
Rhododendron Gomer Waterer
Rhododendron Gordon Jones
Rhododendron Gorgeous George
Rhododendron Halfdan Lem
Rhododendron Helen Deehr
Rhododendron Holy Moses
Rhododendron Honeybutter
Rhododendron Horizon Garnet
Rhododendron Horizon Lakeside
Rhododendron Horizon Monarch
Rhododendron Humboldt Sunrise
Rhododendron Hummingbird
Rhododendron Ilam Violet
Rhododendron impeditum - SEE fastigiatum
Rhododendron Ink Spot
Rhododendron Ivory Spice
Rhododendron Jens Jorgen Jorgensen
Rhododendron Jock
Rhododendron John Coutts
Rhododendron Kabarett
Rhododendron Kabarett - Variegated
Rhododendron Karen Triplett
Rhododendron Karin
Rhododendron Karkov
Rhododendron Ken Janeck
Rhododendron Killer Diller
Rhododendron Kimberly
Rhododendron Kimbeth
Rhododendron Kodiak
Rhododendron Kristin Marie
Rhododendron Lady de Rothschild
Rhododendron Lavender Haze
Rhododendron Lavender Princess
Rhododendron Lem’s Fluorecent Pink
Rhododendron Lemon Dream
Rhododendron Lemon Meringue
Rhododendron Lem's Monarch [syn Pink Walloper]
Rhododendron Lem's Stormcloud
Rhododendron Leo
Rhododendron Loderi King George
Rhododendron Lord Roberts
Rhododendron Lucy Lou
Rhododendron lutescens
Rhododendron luteum 'Blue Gold'
Rhododendron Madam Masson
Rhododendron Mahmoud
Rhododendron Many Moons
Rhododendron Mary Lou
Rhododendron McNabbii
Rhododendron Melrose Flash
Rhododendron Midnight
Rhododendron Midnight Mystique
Rhododendron Midnight Ruby
Rhododendron Misty Moonlight
Rhododendron Molly Ann
Rhododendron Moser's Maroon
Rhododendron Mother Greer
Rhododendron Mother of Pearl
Rhododendron Mrs Betty Robertson
Rhododendron Mrs Charles E. Pearson
Rhododendron Mrs Furnivall
Rhododendron Mrs G.W. Leak
Rhododendron Mrs Murple's Purple
Rhododendron Mrs T. H. Lowinsky
Rhododendron mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink
Rhododendron Nadia
Rhododendron Nancy Evans
Rhododendron Naselle
Rhododendron Night Editor
Rhododendron Northern Starburst
Rhododendron Noyo Brave
Rhododendron Noyo Dream
Rhododendron Oceanlake
Rhododendron Odee Wright
Rhododendron Olga Mezitt
Rhododendron Olin O. Dobbs
Rhododendron One Thousand Butterflies
Rhododendron Opal Luster
  Ostbo's Red Elizabeth  SEE 'Elizabeth Red Foliage'
Rhododendron Oudijk's Sensation
Rhododendron Patty Bee
Rhododendron Pearce’s American Beauty
Rhododendron Percy Wiseman
Rhododendron Persuasion
Rhododendron Peter Faulk
Rhododendron Phyllis Korn
Rhododendron Pink Cherub
Rhododendron Pink Snowflakes
Rhododendron PJM
Rhododendron PJM compact
Rhododendron PJM Regal
Rhododendron Plum Beautiful
Rhododendron Plum Beauty
Rhododendron Point Defiance
Rhododendron Polarnacht
Rhododendron Pomegranate Splash
Rhododendron Pride of Roseburg
Rhododendron Pt. Defiance
Rhododendron Purple Gem
Rhododendron Purple Lace
Rhododendron Purple Passion
Rhododendron Purple Splendor
Rhododendron racemosum 'Rock Rose
Rhododendron Ramapo
Rhododendron Razorbill
Rhododendron Red Gold
Rhododendron Red Walloper
Rhododendron Rio Salsa
Rhododendron Rock Star
Rhododendron Rocket
Rhododendron Royal Ruffles
Rhododendron Ruby Hart
Rhododendron Sapphire
Rhododendron Sappho X Loder's White
Rhododendron Sappho x Tweedy Bird
Rhododendron Satin Memories
Rhododendron schlippenbachii
Rhododendron Schneebucket
Rhododendron Scintillation
Rhododendron Sea-Tac
Rhododendron Seaview Sunset
Rhododendron Sefton
Rhododendron Senora Meldon
Rhododendron Senorita Chere
Rhododendron September Song
Rhododendron Seta
Rhododendron Shamrock
Rhododendron Shining Sea
Rhododendron Siltcoos Sunrise
Rhododendron Silver Skies
Rhododendron sinogrande
Rhododendron Sir Charles Lemon
Rhododendron Snow Lady
Rhododendron Sonata
Rhododendron Songbird
Rhododendron spinuliferum
Rhododendron Springtime - Dexter's (aka Dexter's Springtime)
Rhododendron Star Trek
Rhododendron stenopetalum
Rhododendron Strawberry Sorbet
Rhododendron Suave
Rhododendron Sweet Sue
Rhododendron Tall Timber
Rhododendron Tamarindos
Rhododendron Teddy Bear
Rhododendron Teddy Bear
  tamaense  SEE cinnabarinum ssp. tamaense
Rhododendron The Honorable Jean Marie de Montague
Rhododendron The Honorable Jean Marie de Montague
Rhododendron Tina Heinje
Rhododendron Titian Beauty
Rhododendron Tortoiseshell Wonder
Rhododendron Tow Head
Rhododendron Trilby
Rhododendron Trocadero
Rhododendron Trude Webster
Rhododendron True Blue
Rhododendron Unique Marmalade
Rhododendron Van
Rhododendron Vanilla Spice
Rhododendron Vibrant violet
Rhododendron Vincent Van Gogh
Rhododendron Vulcan
Rhododendron Vulcan Flame
Rhododendron Warlock
Rhododendron Waxbill
Rhododendron Wee Bee
Rhododendron Whispering Rose
Rhododendron White Gold
Rhododendron Whitney's Dwarf Red
Rhododendron Wilgen's Ruby
Rhododendron williamsianum
Rhododendron Wind River
Rhododendron Windsong
Rhododendron Wine and Roses
Rhododendron Winsome
Rhododendron Winter Snow
Rhododendron Yaku Prince
Rhododendron Yaku Princess
Rhododendron Yellow Hammer
Rhododendron yunnanense


Azalea, Deciduous Fragrant Star
Azalea, Deciduous Gibraltar
Azalea, Deciduous Klondyke
Azalea, Deciduous Mary Poppins
Azalea, Deciduous Mount St. Helens
Azalea, Deciduous Snowbird
Azalea ,Deciduous Weston's Lollipop
Azalea, Evergreen Anchorite
Azalea, Evergreen Anna Kehr
Azalea, Evergreen Ben Morrison
Azalea, Evergreen Beni Gasa
Azalea, Evergreen Betty Ann Voss
Azalea, Evergreen Blue Danube
Azalea, Evergreen Buccaneer
Azalea, Evergreen Caroline Gable
Azalea, Evergreen Cherry Drops
Azalea, Evergreen Chinsei
Azalea, Evergreen Delaware Valley White
Azalea, Evergreen Dorothy Gish
Azalea, Evergreen Early Beni
Azalea, Evergreen Ellie Harris
Azalea, Evergreen Elsie Lee
Azalea, Evergreen Everest
Azalea, Evergreen Fairfax (I'll be Damned)
Azalea, Evergreen Flame Creeper
Azalea, Evergreen Gaiety
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Border Gem
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Chiara
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Crimson
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Fuchsia
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Hotshot
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Pink
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Purple
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Rose
Azalea, Evergreen Girard's Scarlet
Azalea, Evergreen Glacier
Azalea, Evergreen Glamour
Azalea, Evergreen Greenwood Orange
Azalea, Evergreen Gumpo White
Azalea, Evergreen Hardy Gardenia
Azalea, Evergreen Helen Close
Azalea, Evergreen Herbert
Azalea, Evergreen Hexe
Azalea, Evergreen Hino Sunrise
Azalea, Evergreen Hino-crimson
Azalea, Evergreen Hinodegiri
Azalea, Evergreen Hino-white
Azalea, Evergreen Jason Lee
Azalea, Evergreen Jeremiah
Azalea, Evergreen Johanna
Azalea, Evergreen Karen
Azalea, Evergreen Kathy Ann  syn. Girard's Kathy Ann
Azalea, Evergreen Kazan
Azalea, Evergreen Kirin
Azalea, Evergreen Lady Louise
Azalea, Evergreen Linda Jean
Azalea, Evergreen Louisa
Azalea, Evergreen Louise Gable
Azalea, Evergreen Mother's Day
Azalea, Evergreen nakaharai ES
Azalea, Evergreen nakaharai 'Mt Seven Star'
Azalea, Evergreen Nancy of Robinhill
Azalea, Evergreen Nico Red
Azalea, Evergreen Nuccio's Wild Moon
Azalea, Evergreen Orange Sherbert
Azalea, Evergreen Peach Fuzz
Azalea, Evergreen Pearl Bradford
Azalea, Evergreen Peggy Ann
Azalea, Evergreen Petticoat
Azalea, Evergreen Pleasant White
Azalea, Evergreen Purple Splendor
Azalea, Evergreen Red Wings/Red Wing or 'Hexe' de Saffelaere'
Azalea, Evergreen Renee Michelle
Azalea, Evergreen Rosebud
Azalea, Evergreen Royal Robe
Azalea, Evergreen Sagittarius
Azalea, Evergreen Shiryu-no-homare
Azalea, Evergreen Silver Sword
Azalea, Evergreen Snow
Azalea, Evergreen Stewartstonian
Azalea, Evergreen Sun Star
Azalea, Evergreen Sweet Briar
Azalea, Evergreen Tenino
Azalea, Evergreen Treasure
Azalea, Evergreen Twenty Grand
Azalea, Evergreen Vuyk's Scarlet
Azalea, Evergreen Ward's Ruby
Azalea, Evergreen White Lace
Azalea, Evergreen White Lorna
Azalea, Evergreen White Rosebud


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